Social Media is the next large traffic generation source for your business after search engine traffic

Increasing numbers of your potential customers are interacting and spending time on social media.

Search and social media are getting more closely integrated. Google continues it’s quest to obtain a larger presence in Social Media since it sees the immense future value and potential.

Social Media traffic provides quicker and faster targeted traffic while your long term SEO solution is being put in place.

Some social media methods to increase your traffic include:

Optimization of your profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Myspace and


The eBusiness Social Media Dominator program will provide your business a complete social media presence

  1. We set you up on the “right” social media sites. There are hundreds, but you need to optimize the best ones for targeted traffic.
  2. We generate social media content for you including blogs creation
  3. Keyword targeted article writing and profiles creation.
  4. We help create videos to post on youtube including a youtube channel for your business.
  5. We help create videos to post on youtube including a youtube channel for your business.
  6. Create presentations on your business to publish on major slidesharing sites
  7. Business promotional pages on squidoo and hub pages
  8. Social Bookmarking
  9. Photos and Images sharing
  10. Facebook profile, business page, friends and fans
  11. Twitter followers and posting tweets

The results for your business from The eBusiness Social Media Dominator program

  1. Highly targeted online traffic of prospective customers coming to your business
  2. Increased customer interaction with your business creating great awareness and credibility
  3. You build a brand and visibility among your customers while also increasing referrals and recommendations for your business among your customers.

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Client’s Testimonials

eBusiness Advisory Group™ has literally changed our business, we got a multi stage process together with really complex business rules, permissions and a different interface for each team PLUS reports and client access. We were able to do all that with eBAG without any coding or complex configuration.

— Neil Brown (CFO, Katalyst FP)

How we get paid?

  • We’re not an expense.
  • We’re a profit generating partner.For every $1 we earn you’re making anywhere between $5 to $10 – that is a total profit solution.
  • If you don’t increase your profits we don’t get paid. Simple.