Highly Targeted Local Search Engine Optimization To Catapult Your Business’ Revenues and Profits

It’s critical for your ongoing business success to position yourself in the “right spots” on creative and evolving local search results.

Think of it like owning virtual real estate in your local city of business.

Except, that this virtual real estate is a lot more powerful than your physical brick and mortar business.

Your customers from any part of the city and even visitors from outside can reach you, know about you and interact with you here before ever stepping into your physical business.

The online finding, knowing and interaction with your business will determine whether your prospects will actually come to your business and become a customer.

Do not make any mistakes here. How and where you position yourself online is critical for your business’ long term success.

A vast majority of your potential customers are searching online for the same services you offer, perhaps even as you read this.

Your business success going forward depends upon how well you are able to rank for specific keywords that your prospects are actively using to search for your service or for the specific problem you solve.

For example, if you are a chiropractor located in Pembroke Pines, Florida you may want to appear at the top of searches for highly specific keyword phrases related to different types of services that you offer. Eg. “neck pain relief chiropractic care south florida”

You can get even more specific and target IT professionals who work before the PC 8-12 hours a day and have chronic neck pain and specify that in your keywords.

And then design a niche service just for this market to build a repeat loyal client base within this target market, that also bring plenty of similar referrals!

Finding the exact niches, developing those niches and targeting them in local searches is our expertise. It’s how we’ve helped businesses double and even triple their revenues, profits and build a solid repeat customer base.

These prospects searching for you are proactive and motivated and hence most likely to visit your place of business and buy from you after doing a local search.

And if you don’t position yourself right on top and in front of exactly where you customers are, your competitors will!

Here are 5 clear and simple local business search facts that affect your business directly…

    • The yellow pages usage has been declining steadily while Internet search engine usage grow exponentially.Ask teenagers, college students and young adults about the yellow pages book. Don’t be surprised if many of them haven’t even hear about it.And for your customers now and more so in the future, the Internet is way to locate a business. Fast! So if it’s not you, then it’s your competitor!
    • Over 1 BILLION online searches are performed every month for LOCAL services and businesses (And the number is growing by over 50% a year!). Example: local attorney, local doctor, local plumber and so on….
    • 81% of people first search online before making a visit or a purchase….versus using the yellow pages, newspapers or traditional “offline” methods.
      Your reputation, reviews and customer interaction is now so much more important.
    • 98% of google searches don’t go beyond Page 1. The person searching trusts google with listing the most relevant searches.

See why you need to be at the top on page 1?

  • $34.7 billion in Sales were Generated Through Initial Internet Contact in JUST the Third Quarter of Last Year


FACT – Half of all Internet users now use search engines for searching on a daily basis.


How we help increase your business profits using local search engine optimization

  1. We will get you exactly where your local customers are looking. And not just the “specific benefit oriented keyword phrases” but also the places and positions on the search engines where they are looking.
  2. Once they see you listed, we will optimize the click through rates – where they click on your site and chose to learn about your business versus your competitors.
  3. We will do the on-site optimization to ensure that they like their virtual interaction with you and actually take the next step of calling you or coming to you.

Here’s how we set you apart…

Our team at eBusiness Advisory Group™ does more than just get you high ranking for specific keywords.

We set you apart from the competitors that are around you to ensure that “searching Joe” picks YOU…

1. We know exactly what your prospects are using to look so you won’t be alongside a dozen other competitors but you will stand out in places online where the most motivated customers are looking for the service you provide, and the problems you solve.

2. We use a combination of both keywords and “benefit phrases” that your customers are thinking of when they think of your service.

These “benefit phrases” are essential in attracting and triggering prospects to actually click on your site and learn more about you.

Bottom line results you will experience

1. Higher visibility and Internet presence in all of the key areas where your customers are looking.

2. Higher click through rates where your prospects chose to click on your website since you are most likely to provide the service they are looking for.

3. Higher prospect to customer conversions. Increased profits and a repeat loyal customer base.

How will our specific local search engine optimization strategies help transform your business?

Bottom line, with our “eBusiness Local SEO Dominator” system, you will see:

1. Increased customers, higher revenues and profits as well as a continuous stream of ongoing and repeat clients.

2. Clear niches for your business based on what your customer is seeking and hence more revenues from those niches.

3. A “customer acquisition funnel” that leads your local search prospects to becoming long term customers.

If you are a talented business owner or professional that truly provides high value, solves problems, provides great service and you want more people to benefit from your service, contact us.

We work with only select businesses that provide amazing value and that solve core problems and change their customers lives for the better.

If you are one of them, then we’d like to hear from you today. Call us.

Will you be the next business to dominate your local search presence?

Call us today at (561) 463-2744 to know exactly how the “eBusiness Local Market Dominator” program with increase your ROI and profits by at least 50%

Client’s Testimonials

eBusiness Advisory Group™ has literally changed our business, we got a multi stage process together with really complex business rules, permissions and a different interface for each team PLUS reports and client access. We were able to do all that with eBAG without any coding or complex configuration.

— Neil Brown (CFO, Katalyst FP)

How we get paid?

  • We’re not an expense.
  • We’re a profit generating partner.For every $1 we earn you’re making anywhere between $5 to $10 – that is a total profit solution.
  • If you don’t increase your profits we don’t get paid. Simple.