Online Video advertising is one of the fastest growing method of advertising and one of the most effective ways to convert your online prospects to customers

Have you had the chance to observe college students and young adults while they’re online these days?

If you have, you’ll quickly see why online video advertising and online video marketing are among the fastest growing method of communicating with your client.

Most young adults watch 2 to 10 minute videos and actually enjoy interaction that surrounds the videos.

Just look on youtube which is owned by google and is now worth several billion dollars for an obvious reason – online video interaction.

These very same young adults are either already your customers or they will be your customers in the near future.

And if you’re not doing video marketing and advertising you’re missing a big piece of the revenues your business can generate from it. And pretty soon, if you’re not part of it, you’ll be out of it.

Here are only 7 powerful reasons why you have got be doing video marketing starting today

  • Videos allow you to communicate a clear crisp message in 2 to 10 minutes to your target customer.
  • Videos online, once created, are like perpetual salespersons, selling your business and service for you 24/7 even while your “brick and mortar” business is closed.
  • Depending on the content in your video, your video can actually go viral (distributed among each other for free by thousands of viewers due to the benefit it provides).Viral videos are one of the THE MOST POWERFUL form of advertising. Period.
  • When you have a youtube video channel, you actually have friends and subscribers who can interact with your videos and comment which is also good for your videos to appear in search results.
  • You can embed the videos on your site and track and measure your viewer behavior with the videos. The metrics are powerful since they tell you a LOT about your customer.
  • Your prospects will actually search and want to view your video unlike TV commercials which have no way of being measured accurately for results and are typically tuned out by a majority of the viewers.
  • To top all of it, online video marketing is FREE.


But you need to do Online Video Marketing “correctly”, in order to generate profits from them.

What do we mean by marketing “correctly”?

Here are just 4 examples of what we’re talking about…

1. You cannot have all of your videos be selling ads and expect viewers to watch them. The videos need to be a proper balance of value added content and advertising content.

And we’ll tell you exactly what sort of videos to create. And what value to provide your prospects to have them coming back for more.

2. Your videos need to be crisp, clear and have the right balance of content and entertainment.

The best “viral videos” tend to have all of the above components. Great information delivered in a boring fashion will not work. Going over the effective “time duration” will not work.

3. Your videos need to be “niche marketing” machines.

We will develop specific videos geared towards informing the viewer and raising curiosity and interest in your business.

4. The video needs to be tied to a course of follow-up action.

The viewer needs to be provided with a clear action to take after watching the video whether it is commenting, clicking on your website link or calling your business, the action step needs to be tied in well with the video’s content.


Engage your customers, catapult your business profits and position your business for increasing future profits.

eBusiness Advisory Group™ online video marketing specialists will handle your online video marketing campaigns for you.

Whether it is putting together top converting videos, youtube channels, video metrics and tracking, we have the solution.

The eBusiness Online Video Dominator has the step by step system to maximize your business profits using local online videos.

Call us today at (561) 463-2744 for a step by step explanation of how we can empower you with videos that market and generate profit for you 24/7

Client’s Testimonials

eBusiness Advisory Group™ has literally changed our business, we got a multi stage process together with really complex business rules, permissions and a different interface for each team PLUS reports and client access. We were able to do all that with eBAG without any coding or complex configuration.

— Neil Brown (CFO, Katalyst FP)

How we get paid?

  • We’re not an expense.
  • We’re a profit generating partner.For every $1 we earn you’re making anywhere between $5 to $10 – that is a total profit solution.
  • If you don’t increase your profits we don’t get paid. Simple.