Getting a web address that appropriately represents your business is an important first step

If you are looking to set up your web presence for the first time online or if you are looking to re brand your business and represent your self in a professional manner to your prospects we can help.

The very first step when it comes to setting up your website is to get a web address or a domain name.

It’s an easy process but you do want to make sure you get it right since it will have long term implications on your business and is not as easy to change at a later stage when you have your online presence up and running.


Our specialists will guide you with:

  1. Choosing the “right” web address and domain name that properly represents your business and conveys a message about the service you provide.
  2. Where to purchase your domain and where to host it in the most cost effective and functionality effective manner
  3. How to set up your web presence online now that you have a domain name and hosting.

Client’s Testimonials

eBusiness Advisory Group™ has literally changed our business, we got a multi stage process together with really complex business rules, permissions and a different interface for each team PLUS reports and client access. We were able to do all that with eBAG without any coding or complex configuration.

— Neil Brown (CFO, Katalyst FP)

How we get paid?

  • We’re not an expense.
  • We’re a profit generating partner.For every $1 we earn you’re making anywhere between $5 to $10 – that is a total profit solution.
  • If you don’t increase your profits we don’t get paid. Simple.