Facebook marketing is the next evolution in customer interactive marketing for your business.

  1. Facebook, with over 600 million and growing active users is the most talked about social network of the new millennium.
  2. Provides invaluable low cost marketing.
  3. Facebook also has a pay per click form of advertising.
  4. Facebook marketing includes having a business page for your business on facebook, kind of like have a separate facebook presence.
  5. Also involves plenty of prospects for interaction using social media.

Here are the facebook marketing services we provide at eBusiness Advisory Group:

  1. Facebook fan page creation and maintenance.
  2. Facebook profile content writing.
  3. Increasing Facebook fans to your business.
  4. Posting content and tweets.
  5. Keywords based Facebook posting.
  6. Creation of Facebook photo album for your business.
  7. Facebook video uploads.
  8. Facebook pay per click ads.
  9. Monthly tracking.
  10. Updates and management.

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Client’s Testimonials

eBusiness Advisory Group™ has literally changed our business, we got a multi stage process together with really complex business rules, permissions and a different interface for each team PLUS reports and client access. We were able to do all that with eBAG without any coding or complex configuration.

— Neil Brown (CFO, Katalyst FP)

How we get paid?

  • We’re not an expense.
  • We’re a profit generating partner.For every $1 we earn you’re making anywhere between $5 to $10 – that is a total profit solution.
  • If you don’t increase your profits we don’t get paid. Simple.